JMB Journal 8:
The Whole Truth...

Special Issue for the Exhibition of the Same Name

The JMB Journal No. 8 accompanies the exhibition The Whole Truth: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Jews. In 100 pages and nine essays, it addresses questions pertaining to Judaism and Jewish identity. And so, for example, the Swiss literary scholar Caspar Battegay explores the possibility of representing “Jewish normality” in contemporary German film, the British columnist and documentary filmmaker Toby Lichtig analyzes the debates surrounding the practice and ritual of circumcision, the Berlin-based columnist Leeor Engländer zeros in on stereotypes, and the Talmud scholar Daniel Boyarin answers questions on Shabbat, sex, and Satan.

Featuring articles by Toby Lichtig, Yulia Egorova, Caspar Battegay, Paola Traverso, Cilly Kugelmann, Christoph Schmidt, Lena Gorelik, Isolde Charim, Leeor Engländer, and Daniel Boyarin along with information about the then-upcoming exhibition about Bedřich Fritta, the Berlin, Berlin section of the permanent exhibition, collection holdings on the website, the online project 1933: The Beginning of the End of German Jewry, the Kurt Roberg collection in the Leo Baeck Institute archive at the Jewish Museum Berlin, the George Warburg collection of burned and banned books, the intonations chamber music festival, and the cultural program put on by the Friends and Patrons of the Jewish Museum Berlin.


Any more Questions? / Noch Fragen?

by Daniel Boyarin

Download (PDF / 201.25 KB)

Die Top Ten der antisemitischen Vorurteile / The Top Ten Antisemitic Clichés

by Lena Gorelik

Download (PDF / 737.31 KB / in English and German / not accessible)

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