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Welcome to Jerusalem

Readings, movies, lectures – events for adults, kids, and families during our exhibition Welcome to Jerusalem

  • Black and white photography: View of the former Maghreb quarter in front of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

    The Holiness of Jerusalem as Reflected in its Architecture

    25. April 2019
    The holiness of Jerusalem is reflected in particular in its impressive sacred buildings. Lectures and ensuing discussion with Florian Lippke (BIBEL+ORIENT Museum Freiburg, Switzerland), Klaus Bieberstein (Otto Friedrich University, Bamberg) and Jürgen Krüger (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology).

  • Katharina Galor –
    The Temple Mount

    9 January 2019
    Archaeologist Katharina Galor talks about the historical and archaeological heritage of Jerusalem’s most controversial site – the Temple Mount (Har haBait). She presents various research initiatives and highlights the role of religiously or politically motivated agendas in the research process. (with audio recording)

  • Monday Movies: Du sollst nicht lieben (Eyes Wide Open)

    26 November 2018, 7 pm
    Feature film debut on homosexuality in a strictly religious environment.
    Director: Haim Tabakman
    Language: Hebrew with German subtitles

    6 pm: Brief tour of the exhibition for visitors to Monday Movies

  • Monday Movies: Ink of Yam

    24 September 2018
    While the ink penetrates people’s skin, they tell their stories in the tattoo studio outside the city walls of Jerusalem.
    Director: Tom Fröhlich
    Language: Englisch, Hebrew, Arabic with German subtitles; Diskussion in German

    6 pm: Brief tour of the exhibition for visitors to Monday Movies

  • Michael Sfard:
    The Jerusalem Dispute. The Fight for Human Rights in Israeli Courts

    6 September 2018, 7 pm
    Lecture by Michael Sfard, one of Israel’s leading human rights lawyers (with video recording)

  • Film scene: A man and a boy sit next to each other. The man looks at the floor, the boy eats an ice cream.

    Monday Movies:
    Three Days and a Child

    4 June 2018, 7 pm
    Directed by: Uri Zohar

    6 pm: Brief tour of the exhibition for visitors to Monday Movies

  • book cover

    Tom Segev: David Ben-Gurion

    17 May 2018, 7.30 pm
    Book Presentation and Discussion with the Author

  • JMB Logo

    Lives in Common: Arabs and Jews in Jerusalem

    8 May 2018, 7 pm
    Menachem Klein in Conversation with Cilly Kugelmann (with Video Recording)

  • Film still in black and white: A woman with a lot of jewelry looks into a mirror.

    Monday Movies: Berlin-Jerusalem

    16 April 2018, 7 pm
    Directed by Amos Gitai

    A brief tour of the exhibition in German will be held for Monday Movie visitors at 6 pm. Admission with the museum ticket.

  • The Mazzah Bakery

    5 April 2018, 11 am:
    Guided tour and baking workshop for children aged 7 to 10 during the Berlin school break

  • Jerusalem in Conflict

    17 March 2018, 11 am
    Public tour for adults on the political conflicts in and around the city of Jerusalem (in German)

  • Rechavia – Grunewald in the Orient

    28 February 2018, 7 pm
    Reading with Thomas Sparr on German-Jewish Jerusalem (with Audio Recording; in German)

  • Monday Movie:
    Jerusalem for Cowards

    19 February 2018, 7 pm
    Film screening and discussion with the directors Dalia Castel and Orit Nahmias (with Audio Recording of the discussion)

  • Who is carrying the Menorah?

    8 February 2018, 6 pm
    Talk by Steven Fine on Jewish Counter-Histories of the Arch of Titus Spoils Panel (with Audio Recording)

  • A girl in a kitchen apron kneading dough.

    Three Loaves and One Hallelujah

    8 February 2018, 11 am
    For children aged 7 to 10 during the Berlin school holidays

  • Concert: A Prelude to the New Exhibition

    6 December 2017, 8 pm
    Jordi Savall with the Hespèrion Ensemble XXI and the Capella Reial de Catalunya

  • Jerusalem in Dialogue
    (in German)

    Two guides with personal connections to Jerusalem lead through the exhibition. Gain new perspectives in a unique tour.