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Long staircase with projected Hebrew and Latin letters that form city names

Mission Statement

Vision, Mission and Values of the Jewish Museum Berlin


To present Jewish perspectives, to engage and move people


The Jewish Museum Berlin invites people from various backgrounds to engage openly and actively with Jewish history and contemporary Jewish life in Germany. It encourages reflection and constructive debate, thus strengthening social cohesion.

The Jewish Museum Berlin looks after the tangible and intangible heritage of German Jews. It provides reliable knowledge about Jewish culture and tradition and presents diverse Jewish perspectives and viewpoints.

As a physical and digital space, the museum stimulates the mind and the senses.



The museum is open to all people and respects the diversity of its visitors. The plurality of Jewish voices is fundamental to our work and is reflected in all our activities.


The JMB is nonpartisan and works independently. It chooses its own focuses and topics, and designs its own programs freely.


The museum is dedicated to the preservation and transmission of German-Jewish cultural heritage and to the remembrance of the Shoah. It keeps memory alive from generation to generation; it opposes antisemitism and all forms of discrimination.


The museum aims for sustainability and makes cultural heritage accessible for the long term. We take a responsible approach with our material and human resources.


The museum offers encounters with serious and lighthearted topics from past and present times. We create experiences that resonate with visitors and that are enjoyable.


We value expertise, quality, and integrity, and we learn from our mistakes. Our work is based on mutual respect and open communication.

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