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Schools and Museums in a Society Shaped by Migration

Documentation of the Conference Held on 13–14 October 2014 to Mark the Completion of the Diversity in Schools Project

The Jewish Museum Berlin organized the conference Schools and Museums in a Society Shaped by Migration for teachers, school social workers, museum staff, and experts in diversity and anti-discrimination.

We presented the experiences and results of the Diversity in Schools project and several of the museum’s other collaborations with schools. Educators were invited to share ideas with experts on the best way to deal with heterogeneity in schools. We questioned how learning settings and change processes at schools could be structured and reflected on what a non-discriminatory school and museum culture might look like.


Monday 13 October 2014
from 12 noon Arrival, Snacks, and Registration
12.30-1.30 pm Information Stands – Networking
1-1.30 pm

Words of Welcome

Cilly Kugelmann
Program Director, Jewish Museum Berlin
Anna Davis
Head Regional Office, German Children and Youth Foundation
Katharina Tesmer
Project Manager Mercator Foundation, Essen
Dr. Diana Dressel
Leiterin Bildung, Jüdisches Museum Berlin

1.30-3 pm

Podium Discussion: A Three-Perspective Approach

Zahide Dogaç
Teacher and Intercultural Coordinator, Hamburg
Ibrahim Gülnar
Ostkreuz Mobile Consulting Team, Social Pedagogical Institute, Berlin
Leontine Meijer-van Mensch
Museum of European Cultures – State Museums of Berlin
Dr. Rosa Fava
Jewish Museum Berlin (Moderation)

3–3.45 pm Coffe Break and Information Stands
3.45–5.15 pm


5.15-6.30 pm Snacks and Information Stands
6.30–8 pm

Podium Discussion: How Can Political Leaders and Society Support Intercultural Awareness at Schools?

Özcan Mutlu
Member of the Bundestag for the Green Party, Berlin
Evelin Lubig-Fohsel
Member of the Committee for Migration, Diversity, and Anti-Discrimination of the German Teachers’ Union, Berlin
André Barth
Ernst-Schering-School, Berlin
Dr. Diana Dressel
Jewish Museum Berlin
Dr. Nkechi Madubuko
Moderator and Author, Marburg (Moderator)

Tuesday 14 October 2014
9.30–9.45 am Arrival
9.45–10 am Words of Welcome
10–11 am

Keynote and Discussion: Fond of Difference and Critical of Discrimination: The Challenges Facing Educational Institutions in a Multiethnic Society

Prof. Dr. Paul Mecheril
Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg (Keynote)
Dr. Anja Durdel
German Children and Youth Foundation, Berlin (Moderation)

11–11.30 am Coffee Break and Information Stands
11.30 am–2 pm

World Café: Opportunities, Challenges, and Approaches to Successful Collaboration between Schools and Museums

Jutta Weimar
Moderator for large groups and Process Guide, Berlin (Moderator)

2.30–4 pm


4–5 pm

Reflections on the Conference with Coffee and Bagels

Tanja Petersen
Jewish Museum Berlin
Dr. Anja Durdel
German Children and Youth Foundation, Berlin


Diana Dressel
Head of Education Department
T +49 (0)30 259 93 515

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