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Lecture Series 2019/20: The Others’ Faith (6)

The Others’ Faith

This lecture series explores the complex relationship of Judaism and Islam to the other religions. Two researchers are invited to each event who present the topic from Jewish and Islamic perspectives and enter into dialog with each other.

On the Path to Enlightenment: Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism

With Jerome Gellman (Ben-Gurion University) und Johan Elverskog (Southern Methodist University)

Lecture Series
24 Sep 2020 (with video recording)

Tying the Knot versus Bonds with God: Jews and Muslims in Interfaith Marriages

With Madeleine Dreyfus (psychoanalyst with a doctorate in cultural anthropology) und Imen Gallala-Arndt (lawyer and a lecturer at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology)

Lecture Series
Thu, 18 Jun 2020 (with video recording)

Non-Transcendental Morality: Judaism, Islam, and Atheism

With Jacques Berlinerblau (Georgetown University) and Ufuk Topkara (Johns Hopkins University), in German and English

Lecture Series
20 Apr 2020 (with video recording)

What Do You Think about Jesus? Judaism, Islam, and Christianity

With Israel Yuval (Hebrew University in Jerusalem) and Maha El Kaisy-Friemuth (Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg), in German and English

Lecture Series
18 Feb 2020 (with video recording)

Mono or Poly? Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism

With Rabbi Alon Goshen-Gottstein (Elijah Interfaith Institute) and Reza Shah-Kazemi (Institute of Ismaili Studies in London)

Lecture Series
4 Feb 2020 (with video recording)

Judaism and Islam – The History of Theological Relations

With Lukas Mühlethaler (Free University Berlin) and Imam Abdullah Antepli (Duke University, USA), in German and English

Lecture Series
21 Nov 2019

Lecture Series 2018-19: Science and Faith in Judaism and Islam (6)

Science and Faith in Judaism and Islam

Scientific discoveries in astronomy, geology, and biology over the past centuries have called into question the centrality of humans as the “crown of creation.”

Today, religious and scientific positions are often seen as irreconcilable. This lecture series sets out to explore the tensions and affinities between Judaism, Islam, and the sciences.

Creation and Evolution in Schools

With Rachel S. A. Pear (Center for Jewish Education in the University of Haifa) and Anila Asghar (Department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University, Canada)

Lecture Series
4 Jul 2019

Do You Believe in Miracles?

With James A. Diamond (Professor in Jewish Studies at the University of Waterloo, Canada) and Umeyye Isra Yazicioglu (Professor in Religious Studies at St. Joseph’s University in Philidelphia, United States)

Lecture Series
13 Jun 2019 (with video recording)

Humanity: Between Destiny and Free Will

With Alan Mittleman (Jewish Theological Seminary of America) and Martin Mahmud Kellner (Institute of Islamic Theology, Osnabrück)

Lecture Series
30 Apr 2019 (with video recording)

How Much God Is in the Holy Scriptures?

With Benjamin Sommer (expert in modern Jewish theology) and Ghassan el Masri (researcher on the Koran in the context of the Arabic literature of his time), in German and English

Lecture Series
5 Mar 2019 (with video recording)

God, Darwin, and Evolution

With Natan Slifkin (Biblical Museum of Natural History, Beit Shemesh, Israel) and Fatimah Jackson (Howard University, USA)

Lecture Series
31 Jan 2019 (with video recording)

Science in the Light of Faith

With Geoffrey A. Mitelman (Sinai and Synapses) and Ahmad S. Dallal (Georgetown University, Qatar)

Lecture Series
20 Nov 2018 (with video recording)

Lecture Series: Jewish and Islamic Perspectives on Human Rights (6)

Lecture Series: Ethical Questions in Judaism and Islam (with video recordings) (6)

Ethical Questions in Judaism and Islam (with video recordings)

The lecture series explored contentious ethical issues from diverse aspects of life and shed light on them from Jewish and Islamic perspectives. Two guest scholars gave each lecture, presented their tradition’s position, and engaged in a mutual dialogue.

Man as Lord or Guardian of Creation?

With Hava Tirosh-Samuelson (Arizona State University in Tempe) and Nawal Ammar (Rowan University in New Jersey), in German and English

Lecture Series
13 Jul 2017

Sexual Ethics: Sexuality, Lust, Eroticism, and God

With David Biale (Eros and the Jews) and Kecia Ali (Sexual Ethics and Islam), in German and English

Lecture Series
16 May 2017 (with video recording)

Military Ethics: The (Religious) Laws Silent Beneath the Weapons?

With Michael Broyde (Emory University) and Asma Afsaruddin (Indiana University), in German and English

Lecture Series
6 Apr 2017 (with video recording)

The Boundaries of Life - Bioethical Challenges

With Laurie Zoloth (Weinberg College, Northwestern University) and İlhan İlkılıç (University of Istanbul), in German and English​

Lecture Series
23 Feb 2017 (with video recording)

2 Porträts

Business Ethics – Is Capitalism Kosher/Halal?

With Nathan Lee Kaplan (author) and Idris Nassery (University of Paderborn), in German

Lecture Series
8 Dec 2016 (with video recording​)

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Social Ethics – On Fair Social Order

With Ingrid Mattson (Western University, Canada) and Micha Brumlik (Berlin-Brandenburg Center of Jewish Studies), in German and English

Lecture Series
26 Oct 2016 (with video recording)