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Religiöse Gegenstände (Kippa, Kiddusch-Becher, Elias-Becher, Menora, Schofar).

Four questions – what does it mean to be Jewish?

This workshop is suitable for grades 5 to 13 as well as for adults (in German)

Digital Workshop
By appointment

Logo of the lecture series with crescent and Star of David

Dialogical Lecture Series

Jewish and Muslim perspectives on faith and knowledge, ethical issues and human rights, and life in the diaspora

Video Recordings

Cranach-Gemälde Luther und Foto von Franz Rosenzweig als Collage

Luther, Rosenzweig, and the Script

With Micha Brumlik, Walter Homolka, Christoph Kasten, Irmela von der Lühe, and Gesine Palmer, in German

Video Recording
18 Sep 2017

A peek at the exhibition in the Diaspora Garden


Exhibition on religious clothing in the Diaspora Garden

1 Jun to 1 Sep 2017

Photograph of a woman wearing two wigs, one of them in front of her face.

Cherchez la femme

Wig, Burqa, Wimple

31 Mar to 27 Aug 2017

A woman in dress and hijab.

Religion. Fashion. Empowerment.

Reina Lewis talks about religiosity and fashion

Video Recording
29 Jun 2017

Portrait of a man.

Peter Schäfer – “Two Gods in Heaven. Concepts of God in the Ancient Jewish World”

With Peter Schäfer and Michael Wolffsohn, in German

Audio Recording
12 Jun 2017


Eran Shakine

A Muslim, a Christian and a Jew

28 Oct 2016 to 5 Mar 2017

Painting, a boy is violently pushed onto a table by a hand and threatened with a knife.


An installation by Saskia Boddeke & Peter Greenaway on the story of Abraham and Isaac in the monotheistic religions

22 May to 15 Nov 2015

On a white background, the ones and zeros are randomly distributed.

Ban on Images

Selected papers on the topic delivered at a conference at the Jewish Museum Berlin

JMB Journal #12

The Book of Job. Aesthetics, Ethics, Hermeneutics

Book presentation, in German and English

Audio Recording
21 Jan 2015

Zimzum. God and the creation of the world

Micha Brumlik and Vivian Liska in conversation with the author Christoph Schulte

Audio Recording
30 Oct 2014

Modernized, then Tolerated?

Do religions need reformation or do they have a history that we do not really understand?, in German

Audio Recording
10 Oct 2013

Peter Schäfer: The Origins of Jewish Mysticism

Discussion with the Author, Christoph Markschies, and Micha Brumlik, in German

Audio Recording
25 Jun 2012

Exhibition view.

Matters of Faith: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Nine animated movies

Video Project

Dialogues on Jewish Present: On the Question of Redemption – Messianism and the End of Days

Lectures and Discussion with Moshe Idel, Elliot R. Wolfson and Micha Brumlik

Audio Recording
10 Dec 2009

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