Heimatkunde (How German is it?):
30 Artists’ Notion of Home

Exhibition Catalog

The comprehensive catalog contains images of all the artworks on display along with four essays by the curators, texts about the artworks, and a complete index of works. It is devoted to the visible changes in German society over the past twenty years: Germany is recognizing its own status as a multi-ethnic society. Global changes provoke fundamental economic and personal reconfigurations. Religious and secular belief systems and lifestyles are colliding. The places we live are changing. How do immigrants weave their longstanding cultures into their new realities? How does immigration change both migrants and lifelong residents?

Details & Excerpts

  • Heimatkunde. 30 Künstler blicken auf Deutschland
    (Heimatkunde (How German is it?): 30 Artists' Notion of Home)
    200 pages, 200 color illustrations,
    Hirmer Publishing House
    Munich 2011

    ISBN: 978-3-7774-5021-6
    In German only

  • Editor

    Jewish Museum Berlin

  • Contributing Writers

    Inka Bertz, Margret Kampmeyer, Cilly Kugelmann,
    Martina Lüdicke, Mirjam Wenzel

  • Translation

    Michael Ebmeyer

  • Design

    Harri Kuhn, mischen

  • Price

    14.95 € (Museum edition)


by Cilly Kugelmann

Download (PDF / 67.11 KB / in German)

Voice Over

by Nevin Aladaǧ

Download (PDF / 130.52 KB / in German)

Altonaer Strasse

by Emily Hass

Download (PDF / 122.19 KB / in German)

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