Digitized Catalog of the Exhibition in Recklinghausen in 1961

Synagoga in Recklinghausen was the first large exhibition on Jewish religion and art in Germany after the Shoah. It occurred under the sponsorship of FRG President Heinrich Lübke.

Introductory texts by Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and the Israeli ambassador Felix E. Shinnar document the exhibition's diplomatic significance. The large Jewish museums in Israel and Europe contributed to this event by loaning objects, as did countless institutions and individuals.

The exhibition concentrated on biblical archeology and religious items used in synagogues. The final part of the exhibition showed works of art with biblical themes by Jewish and non-Jewish artists.

The richly illustrated catalog describes the characteristic traits of the objects on display, and names each of their lenders.

Book cover with image of a menorah stone relief, below the book title Synagoga

Synagoga. Cult objects and works of art Catalog of the exhibition in Recklinghausen (1961)

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