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Uriel Birnbaum

Digitized Books by the Painter and Writer

The painter and writer Uriel Birnbaum (1894–1956) presented the founders of the Jewish religion in expressionistic paintings with luminous colors. He wrote in an introductory essay:

The world confronts the phenomenon of Moses with a peculiar lack of understanding, and even the devout Jewry doesn't fully grasp his world-historical significance. [...] There is nearly no one who fully fathoms what it means that this single figure triggered a shock that is more disruptive than any other in history—a shock that continues to send new waves rolling through humanity to this day.

Uriel Birnbaum, Moses, P. 14 f.

The table of contents cites the corresponding biblical verse for every image. The illustrated scenes contain familiar themes such as The Burning Bush, Parting the Red Sea and The Golden Calf, but also others that aren't as deeply anchored in our cultural consciousness.

Book cover of the book Moses by Uriel Birnbaum illustrated with the head of Moses

Moses by Uriel Birnbaum, Thyrsos-Verlag, Berlin/Vienna 1924

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