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Judaica Collection

Our collection of ceremonial objects ranges widely from a valuable eighteenth-century Torah curtain donated by Fromet and Moses Mendelssohn to contemporary ritual items to small kitchen supplies for following Jewish dietary laws.

  • Brass candlestick with straight edges and triangle shapes, for eight candles side by side and a smaller one in the middle

    Hanukkah Menorah made by Ludwig Wolpert

    Simple, elegant forms and functionality – this menorah, created in 1924, is one of the the first pieces of modern Judaica.

  • Painting of an orange on a blue background.

    Seder Plate by Harriete Estel Berman

    What is unusual about this contemporary seder plate is its additional recess for an orange, marking a new custom which has found growing popularity among feminists in recent decades.

  • Toy figures sit at a laid table.

    Hanukkah Toys

    Traditionally, the Jewish festival of lights doesn’t involve presents. But like Christmas, Hanukkah too is increasingly commercialized, and there is already color-coded gift wrap in the US.

  • Three color-coded scrubbing brushes in their packaging.

    Scouring Pads

    “No more kitchen confusion!” Three color-coded scrub brushes from the US make it easier to keep track of Jewish dietary rules.

  • An orange suit with an Israeli flag and NASA patches.

    Purim Costume

    This costume of the first Israeli astronaut, Ilan Ramon, should have been a top seller for Purim. But then a tragic accident occurred.

  • Tora tops.

    Torah Ornaments by Kurt Matzdorf

    The artist Kurt J. Matzdorf is known for his modern interpretations. Alongside the classic materials of silver and gold, he used colored acrylic for his Judaica.

  • Embroidered gate curtain with lions and inscription.

    Torah Curtain Donated by the Mendelssohns

    Moses and Fromet Mendelssohn commissioned a Torah curtain, probably using the fabric from Fromet's wedding dress, and donated it to a synagogue in Berlin in 1774–75.

  • Five silver and gold spice boxes imitating wild flowers

    Havdalah Besamim Set by Paula Newman Pollachek

    In our interview, the artist talks about how to create community with spice boxes.

  • Silver and partially gold plated Torah shield with crown, lion and two-headed eagel

    Testimonial to a Family

    Torah shield (Tas) and box, Kitzingen, 1711/12, purchased in 2014

    Online Feature