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“Dem Deutschen Volke”
(To the German People)

The Story of the Loevy Bronze Foundry from Berlin – From the Series “Testimonies from the Jewish Museum Berlin” (in German)

“Dem Deutschen Volke” (To the German People). The bronze inscription was mounted on the Reichstag building in Berlin during the First World War, a commission for the purveyors to the court Albert and Siegfried Loevy.

Founded in 1855, the S.A. Loevy foundry supplied impressive government buildings and private villas with fittings, inscriptions, and extravagantly designed door portals until its "Aryanization" in 1939. This book follows the history of the Loevy family and company from the German Empire to Nazi persecution. It recounts the fates of individual family members such as Leo Kopf, choir director and composer, and Erich Gloeden, who in 1944 was sentenced to death by the People's Court – in the name of the German people – for hiding a General involved in the 20 July attempt to assassinate Hitler.


  • »Dem Deutschen Volke«.
    Die Geschichte der Berliner Bronzegießer Loevy

    ("To the German People"
    The Story of the Loevy Bronze Foundry from Berlin
    – From the Series “Testimonies
    from the Jewish Museum Berlin”)
    192 pages with color illustrations
    and CD-ROM,
    DuMont Literatur und Kunst Verlag
    Köln 2003

    ISBN: 3-98086461-8
    In German only

  • Editors

    Helmuth F. Braun and Michael Dorrmann
    for the Jewish Museum Berlin

  • Contributing Writers

    Helmuth F. Braun/Michael Dorrmann,
    Michael S. Cullen, Joachim Schlör,
    Armin D. Steuer, Harald Wetzel, Raymond Wolff

  • Design

    Groothuis, Lohfert, Consorten

  • Price

    5 euros

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