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“Easy as That”

Jewish Childhood and Youth in Germany after 1945 – From the Series Testimonies from the Jewish Museum Berlin (in German)

Those who grew up Jewish in Germany after 1945 could take nothing for granted. The Jewish Museum Berlin asked twenty-eight Jews of different generations about their childhood and youth in Germany. Their personal vignettes and stories reveal a complex and contradictory panorama of Jewish life in today's Germany.


  • So einfach war das. Jüdische Kindheit und Jugend in Deutschland 1945
    (“Easy as That”. Jewish Childhood and Youth in Germany after 1945 from the Series “Testimonies from the Jewish Museum Berlin”)
    96 pages with 50 color illustrations,
    Köln 2002

    ISBN: 978-3-8321-7818-x
    In German only

  • Editors

    Cilly Kugelmann and Hanno Loewy
    for the Museum Berlin

  • Design

    Groothuis, Lohfert, Consorten

  • Price

    5 euros

Book cover of “So einfach war das”: vintage photograph of two small children holding a baby.

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