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“Unafraid”: En Route to Palestine

Tereska Torres’s Film Diary from 1947 – From the Series Testimonies from the Jewish Museum Berlin (in German)

The feature-length documentary The Illegals is a unique piece of postwar European history and Israel’s prehistory. The film by the American war reporter and author Meyer Levin depicts illegal immigration of displaced persons into the Palestine under the British mandate. His small film crew accompanied fugitives on their journey from the ruins of Warsaw to European Displaced Persons Camps to the overfilled ship the Unafraid on its hazardous voyage to Palestine.

Tereska Torres, who later became Levin’s wife, played the leading role. During the filming she recorded her observations and dreams in a diary which – translated into German, edited, and historically annotated – has now been published here for the first time.


  • Unerschrocken. Auf dem Weg nach Palästina. Tereska Torres’ Filmtagebuch von 1947 (“Unafraid”: En Route to Palestine. Tereska Torres’s Film Diary from 1947
    From the Series Zeitzeugnisse aus dem Jüdischen Museum Berlin (Testimonies from the Jewish Museum Berlin)
    148 pages with 50 illustrations
    Köln 2004
    ISBN: 3-8321-7890-2
    In German only
  • Editor Ronny Loewy for the Jewish Museum Berlin
  • Design Groothuis, Lohfert, Consorten
  • Price 5 €
Book cover of “Unerschrocken”: black and white photograph of a young man and a young woman standing next to each other, both smiling. The man is carrying something over his shoulder that looks like a rolled up carpet.

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