“We want to change things – but only with the help of others!”

Working Group Report

Schools in multiethnic societies face challenges that often require new approaches and methodologies. Professional facilitation helps schools and their partners define realistic goals and more actively involve the people affected by change.

Marlous Behrendt led the working group with a contribution by Andrea Blaneck. Both experts are employed at the German Children and Youth Foundation, Berlin.

Andrea Blaneck: How Facilitation Can Help Schools Change

When schools change, it always involves a complex process. Our workshop identified the systemic contexts in which school development processes take place. We took a closer look at Hans-Günter Rolff’s model of school development, which describes the interplay between lessons, staff, and organization. We also learned about different consulting approaches that can provide support for school development processes and identified the special characteristics and potential of facilitation.

Finally, we discussed the flyer produced in the Diversity in Schools project, which contains thought-provoking questions about intercultural awareness at schools. The publication addresses important fields of action in school development and summarizes relevant questions as a starting point for a new view of action at school.


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