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After 1945

Guided Tour in German

Room view with monitors on the wall showing many different people

View of the installation Mesubin by Yael Reuveny and Clemens Walter at the end of the core exhibition; Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Yves Sucksdorff

This tour presents the core exhibition with a focus on the historical epoch room After 1945.

Exploring the museum building’s iconic architecture is part of the exhibition tour.

Every Sunday at 3 pm


Old Building, ground level, “Meeting Point” in the foyer
Lindenstraße 9–14, 10969 Berlin

An approximately 40-metre-long walkway runs through the After 1945 epochal room. Restitution and “reparations,” the triangular relationship between Germany, Israel, and Jews in Germany, the waves of Jewish migration to and from Germany are the dominant themes, as well as Russian-speaking immigration from 1990 onwards.

In a final chorus, Jews speak on 21 monitors about being Jewish in Germany – the images and original soundtracks form a polyphonic chord of Jewish life today.

Interactions with the exhibition allow room for individual exploration of the subject and space for group discussions.

People in front of a space-consuming file shelf

Waiting for Justice: records of compensation cases of lawyer Dietrich Jacob; Leo Baeck Institute, New York, gift of Ruth Jacob, photo: Yves Sucksdorff

Where, when, what?

  • When Every Sunday, 3 pm
  • Duration 90 minutes
  • Where Old Building, ground level, “Meeting Point” in the foyer

    Lindenstraße 9–14, 10969 Berlin

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  • CostsTour 3 €;
    plus admission (8 €, reduced rate 3 €)
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    Please note that you must purchase your admission ticket at the ticket office a quarter of an hour before the start of the tour.

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