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Museum Publications

Exhibition Catalogs, Magazines, Book Series, Materials, and More

For every large exhibition and for most smaller ones, we release a catalog or companion book. These publications do not merely reproduce the exhibition, they contain additional thematic information, illustrations, and literary writings. We also publish the JMB Journal twice per year. Each issue of the journal, which is fully bilingual in German and English, features articles on a common theme that occupies our work at the museum beyond a specific exhibition.

Teachers and students can also find resources on our website ranging from our teaching materials to our many online publications.

Scholarship should be accessible to everyone. Nearly all the essays from our “Studies of the Jewish Museum Berlin” series are open-access publications available free of charge, as are many lectures and conference proceedings.

You may order the Jewish Museum Berlin’s publications from a bookstore or by contacting:

Regina Wellen
T +49 (0)30 259 93 364

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