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Fred Stein. Paris New York

Exhibition Catalog

Fred Stein (1909, Dresden – 1967, New York) was a master of street photography. As a pioneer of the hand camera, he accurately recorded moments of daily life in the streets of the big city. His photos emerged after Stein emigrated away from Nazi-Germany to Paris in 1933 and later to New York. Stein's photographs are an essential documentation of 20th century history and an important component of the history of photography. 128 of his pictures are assembled in this catalog.

Details & Excerpts

  • Fred Stein. Paris New York
    200 pages with 128 duotone images,
    Kehrer Publishing Company
    Heidelberg and Berlin 2013

    ISBN: 978-3-86828-429-4
    in two languages: English and German

  • Editor

    Dawn Freer

  • Contributing Writers

    Cilly Kugelmann, Gilles Mora,
    Rosemary Sullivan, Theresia Ziehe

  • Translations

    Apolline Berty, Kurt Rehkopf,
    Joseph Skibell, Jennifer Taylor

  • Design

    Kehrer Design

  • Price

    49,90 Euro

Catalogue Cover for the exhibition

Brought to Light

by Theresia Ziehe

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