Cultural Summer Program 2017

Cultural Summer

Every summer, the Jewish Museum Berlin invites visitors great and small to the cultural summer program in its garden. Featuring a big summer party, the well-loved Jazz in the Garden, readings, concerts, and discussions in the special exhibition – we invite you to get to know the museum at its best.

Cultural Summer Program 2017

Inspired by the current exhibition Cherchez la femme. Wig, Burqa, Wimple, the cultural summer program 2017 was devoted to the resolute women of the Jewish past and present. Molly Antopol from the US enriched our literary program – together with actress Katharina Marie Schubert, the author read and talked about the women who inspire her stories, about politics, privacy, and the Cold War. At the big summer party, music and comedy, life-sized puppets, handicraft stations, rippling fountains, and street food specialties from pancakes to ice cream awaited visitors great and small.

Pancakes with goats cheese and figs

From pancakes to ice cream – the summer party also offers culinary delights; photo: Johannes Höller.

As every year, our music lovers did not miss out – or have you ever heard Fado in Yiddish? The Parisian singer Noëmi Waysfeld with her congenial trio Blik will presented a transcultural musical treat. Our Jazz in the Garden open-air concerts have become a fixed date in Berlin’s cultural calendar. This year’s musical journey of popular matinees took us from Lisbon via Paris and Tel Aviv to New York, from jazz standards of the grandes dames of Broadway with the Olivier Hutman Trio & Stephy Haik to the minimalist sounds of the pianist Julie Sassoon to the cellist ILLAY with her experimental mélange between Orient and Occident.

Three laughing girls in the museum garden

Life-sized puppets, handicraft stations and rippling fountains await our small visitors; Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Jule Roehr.

Be it with an ice-cooled lemonade in a deck chair or enjoying a picnic in the shade of the plane tree grove – you got to know the museum and its spacious garden from its sunny side!

Picnic baskets

The museum café Schmus offers culinary accompaniment to the cultural summer events with fresh and light specialties. Picnic baskets are available especially for the jazz matinees and can be preordered by phone on +49 (0)30 25 79 67 51 or via email:

Visitors of the Jewish Museum Berlin's garden sit on picnic blankets and deck chairs

Deckchairs invite you to unwind in the museum garden; photo: Jonas Ludwig Walter, Berlin.

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Cultural Summer 2017

The Jewish Museum Berlin invites visitors to its Cultural Summer Program held in the Museum Garden from June to August 2017.

Between the Lines

9 September 2017
An Evening with Israeli and German Poets

Noëmi Waysfeld & Blik

27 August 2017
Jazz in the Garden Concert

Jewy & Daring! Long Long Night of Museums

19 August 2017
Express tours


13 August 2017
Jazz in the Garden Concert

Incredibly Clever

5 August 2017
Iris Berben reads Paula Buber

Julie Sassoon Quartet

16 July 2017
Jazz in the Garden Concert

Olivier Hutman Trio & Stephy Haik

30 July 2017
Jazz in the Garden Concert

Before the After Party

15 July 2017, audio recording available, in German and English
Reading with Molly Antopol and Katharina Marie Schubert

Summer Party for the Whole Family

2 July 2017
Launch of the Cultural Summer Program 2017

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Cultural Summer 2016

Every year, the Jewish Museum Berlin invites visitors to its cultural summer program held in the Museum Garden from June to August.

Semer Ensemble:
Rescued Treasure

25 June 2016
Concert Opening the Cultural Summer

Summer Garden Party

3 July 2016
This year’s summer garden party is all about Eastern European and Yiddish culture.

Reading with Christian Berkel: Tevye the Dairyman

9 July 2016
To mark the 100th anniversary of Sholem Alejchem’s death, the actor Christian Berkel will read from the new translation of the book Tevye the Dairyman

Jazz in the Garden:
Shira Z. Carmel and her Brasserie

17 July 2016
Jazz Concert with Cabaret Jazz

Jazz in the Garden:
Bester Quartet

31 July 2016
Concert with Klezmer jazz

Bobe Mayses: Yiddish Knights and Other Impossibilities

7 August 2016
Street Theater: The theater visionary Jenny Romaine transforms the Jewish Museum Berlin and its garden into a stage for an extraordinary theater extravaganza.

Long Museum Night

27 August 2016
The Golem is Coming! The Jewish legend figure has inspired artists and authors

Jazz in the Garden:
Zlata Razdolina

28 August 2016
Concert with Jewish jazz

Jazz in the Garden:
Libelid Quintet

11 September 2016
Concert with Ambient jazz

Events (9) Cultural Summer 2014 Show all

Cultural Summer 2014

Every year, the Jewish Museum Berlin invites visitors to its cultural summer program held in the Museum Garden from June to August.

The Cultural Summer Party in the Museum Garden

1 June 2014
Family Celebration as Part of the Cultural Summer Program 2014

Words beneath the Trees: Wo bist Du, Motek? (Where are you, Motek?)

14 June 2014
Reading by the young TV reporter Ilan Goren

Jazz in the Garden: Pop Jazz Duo "Ofrin"

29 June 2014
Concert: The Israeli Ofri Brin and the composer Oded K.dar with fine and unusual pop jazz

Words beneath the Trees: "Checkpoint Poetry"

12 July 2014
Readings and Discussion: "Checkpoint Poetry" - Contemporary Israeli Poetry from Berlin

Jazz in the Garden: "Buttering Trio"

27 July 2014
The music combines ballads and beats in a way that redefines Trip hop.

Words beneath the Trees: "Save your Love"

9 August 2014
Theatre-Performance with the three Israeli theater makers Hila Golan, Ariel Nil Levy, and Niva Dloomy

Jazz in the Garden: "A Kit For Mending Thoughts"

24 August 2014
Concert: Efrat Alony, Oliver Leicht, and Frank Wingold

Words beneath the Trees: "Galil Trio"

13 September 2014
Concert with Galil Trio – cellist Noa Chorin, clarinetist Nur Ben Shalom, and pianist Daniel Seroussi

Jazz in the Garden: "Tal Balshai & Friends"

21 September 2014
CD Release Concert: "Ein halbes Leben - Neue Berliner Lieder" (Half a life - new Berlin songs)

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Cultural Summer 2015

Every year, the Jewish Museum Berlin invites visitors to its cultural summer program held in the Museum Garden from June to August.

Let's party in the Garden!

27 June 2015
Summer Party Launching the Cultural Summer Program

Words in the Garden: Ghetto Brother. A Story from the Bronx

4 July 2015
Reading and Live-Painting with Julian Voloj, Claudia Ahlering, and DJ Marc Hype

Jazz in the Garden: Defne Şahin

12 July 2015
The jazz musician and composer Defne Şahin takes her listeners on a musical journey - contemporary jazz

Words in the Garden: "Ismaels Orangen" (Ishmael's oranges)

18. July 2015
Reading with the Author Claire Hajaj and the Actor Ilja Richter

Jazz in the Garden: Itamar Erez & Yshai Afterman

26 July 2015
The guitarist and pianist Itamar Erez from Tel Aviv unites oriental music tradition, jazz, and flamenco - Middle Eastern jazz

Words in the Garden: SOCALLED solo

1 August 2015
Socalled has put together an exclusive solo program with rap and funk music.

Jazz in the Garden: Mohammad Reza Mortazavi & Hans Hartmann

9 August 2015
Konzert with Mohammad Reza Mortazavi and Hans Hartmann - Transcendental jazz

Jazz in the Garden: Cyminology

23 August 2015
Concert: The Berlin jazz quartet Cyminology combines Persian verse with contemporary jazz - Chamber-jazz.

Words in the Garden: "Istanbul war ein Märchen" (Istanbul was a fairytale)

5 September 2015
Reading with the Author Mario Levi and the Actress Türkiz Talay