JMB Journal 9:

We schedule our days, we celebrate, we pause, and we remember times long gone. We create rituals which structure our weeks, months, and years. Shabbat marks the week, and the High Holy Days mark the year. Rites of passage have great meaning for our private lives and we celebrate them accordingly. In our communities, we share memories of public events, such as exceptional sports games. An issue about time.

Featuring articles by William P. Brown, Karen Körber, Mirjam Wenzel, Micha Brumlik, Michal Friedlander, Hillel Ben Sasson, Jean Améry, Ellen Presser, and Detlev Claussen along with information about the exhibitions A Time for Everything: Rituals Against Forgetting, In an Instant: Photographs by Fred Stein, and Tonalities: Jewish Women Ceramicists from Germany after 1933; the presentation of the Auschwitz and Majdanek trials in the permanent exhibition; the Award for Understanding and Tolerance; the Academy Programs on Migration and Diversityl the Book Week for Diversity in Literature for Children and Young Adults; and a quiz.

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