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Jewish Music in all its Diversity in the Core Exhibition

From the chanting of the Talmudic period to contemporary compositions – music and sounds play a part in both religious and secular Jewish life. In the Musicroom in our exhibition you can immerse yourself in a service of worship, hear the sound of a shofar, and listen to centuries-old and modern music. On this page you will find playlists with religious music and playlists with secular music from the core exhibition.

Hazanut – Synagogue Music

My Song Goes Round the World

Bunt-glitzernder Vorhang in Bewegung

Exhibition Jewish Life in Germany: Past & Present: Features & Programs

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Jewish Life in Germany: Past & Present – core exhibition of the Jewish Museum Berlin, since Aug 2020
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Thematic room Torah – audios and objects on words, writing and language
Current page: Thematic room Music – religious and secular music
Topography of Violence. Antisemitic violence in Germany 1930–1938 – media application from the epoch room Catastrophe
13 Objects – 13 Stories – unusual objects from our core exhibition
New Accents – interview with Cilly Kugelmann, chief curator of the core exhibition
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