Contemporary Russian-Jewish Life in Germany

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on a Changing Diaspora (in German)

The migration of Russian-speaking Jews from the Soviet Union and post-Soviet states after 1989 has brought radical change to the Jewish community in Germany. The aim of this volume is to trace the dimensions of this change.

Essays from sociology and cultural studies describe the different narratives, the changing meaning of religion, and the new forms of community formation characteristic of the Jewish present. Interdisciplinary contributions explore the importance of mobility and migration and show how identities and cultural practices have become pluralized. The result is a multi-faceted portrait of a nascent Jewish Diaspora whose frames of reference and forms of organization extend beyond Germany.

The editor Dr. Karen Körber was a Fellow at the Jewish Museum Berlin from 2012 to 2014.


  • Russisch-jüdische Gegenwart in Deutschland. Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven auf eine Diaspora im Wandel
    (Contemporary Russian-Jewish Life in Germany. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on a Changing Diaspora, Schriften des Jüdischen Museums Berlin, Band 3)
    161 pages with 10 illustrations
    Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
    Göttingen 2015
    ISBN: 978-3-525-30075-6
    In German only
  • Editor Karen Körber
  • Contributing Writers Dmitrij Belkin, Julia Bernstein, Melanie Eulitz, Alina Gromova, Victoria Hegner, Darja Klingenberg, Karen Körber
  • Design textformart
  • Price 39.99 €
    The volume is freely accessible as an electronic open access edition in the V&R eLibrary

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