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After 1945

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A Lasting Disturbance

Monika Flores on a series of portraits of participants in the Majdanek Trial


Contemporary History

Objects of contemporary history in our online collections (in German)

Online Collections

Contemporary History Collection

Since 2015, we have focused on collecting objects from after 1945.

All About ...

Portrait of Rabin Yaghoubi wearing a tallit, tefillin as well as a kippah. In his hands he holds a prayer book.

A Persian bar mitzvah in Hamburg

A largely unknown aspect of Jewish life after 1945

20 years, 21 objects

Employee ID with photo and stamps

“Service Card!”

Rabbi Martin Riesenburger worked as a prison chaplain during the Cold War.

From our Holdings

Rededication of the Synagogue at the Jewish Hospital

From our Holdings

Vintage photograph of two small children holding a baby.

Easy as That

Jewish Childhood and Youth in Germany after 1945, from the series Zeitzeugnisse aus dem Jüdischen Museum Berlin, in German


Der Kalte by Robert Schindel

A novel about Vienna of the Waldheim affair, from 1985 to 1989.

Book Review

Exhibition space with numerous screens on the walls, each of which shows a person looking at the visitor.

After 1945

Guided tour for groups through our core exhibition

Guided Tour
By appointment

Female statue with traces of rust, missing the head

L’amitié au coeur (Friendship of the Heart)

This sculpture, stolen by the Nazis, was considered lost until fragments were discovered in the early 1990s.

Objects from Our Core Exhibition

White pillow with blue script

Decorated Cushion

“ISRAELI, JEW, and now SEVERELY DISABLED—there’s got to be a way to capitalize on that in GERMANY,” Daniel Josefsohn, Berlin, 2014/15

Objects from Our Core Exhibition

“Since that day, Iʼve felt like a newborn”

A striking document about the 1945 Day of Liberation

Online Feature

Triumph of Survival

Cilly Kugelmann on a photo that visualizes the victory over the Nazis

May 2020