Terms of Use

For the Archive and the Library of the Jewish Museum Berlin

If you agree to these Terms of Use, you may register online to view the Library's rare and archival holdings.

§ 1 Eligibility

1) Any person wishing to use rare or archival material of the Jewish Museum Berlin (including the Leo Baeck Institute and the Wiener Library) or rare holdings from the Jewish Museum Berlin Library must submit an application in writing.

2) The following information must be provided in the application:

  • Full name and address of applicant;
  • Full name and address of client, if use is being sought on behalf of a third party;
  • Project or topic of research, scope (length of time and subject matter);
  • Purpose of use;
  • In the case of use for academic research, type of work planned and name of affiliated institution; for student research and examination preparation, name of university and supervisor;
  • Description of requested archival material, if possible;
  • Publication intentions.

3) Authorization to use the Jewish Museum Berlin Archives and/or Library will be granted to the applicant either orally or in writing. An authorization covers only the project specified in the application and the stated purpose of use. Certain additional conditions may apply to the authorization.

4) Users must present identification upon request.

§ 2 Use in the reading room

1) After having been given instructions by archives or library staff, users will be handed archival or library material in original or copy form in the Jewish Museum Berlin Reading Room during its regular opening hours.

2) Users are obliged not to remove the material provided to them from the premises of use, to respect the internal order of archival material, and to treat all material with great care so as to avoid damaging or altering the material or posing any risk to its condition. It is prohibited to remove any part of archival or library material (sheets, slips of paper, seals, stamps, etc.), to insert slips of paper (adhesive labels), or to underline or make notes or any other marks in the material. Archival material and books may not be used as underlays for tracing. When working with archival materials, pens may not be used. Only pencils are permitted. The use of electronic writing devices is allowed.

3) Coats and bags must be left in lockers. Reading Room staff reserve the right to inspect users’ folders, bags, and other carrying cases.

§ 3 Copies and reproductions

1) Use of archival or library material does not include the entitlement to make copies. Copies of Archive and Library materials will be made only if there is no risk of damage to the material and if the format of the material is suitable for copying purposes. The Archive alone shall decide on suitable reproduction methods.

2) Copies of archival materials will be made only by staff of the Jewish Museum Berlin within the scope of the technical means and human resources at their disposal.

3) No more than one-third of any manuscript may be copied. The reproduction of certain items may require the written authorization of the donor or author of the document.

4) Copies may be published, duplicated, or given to third parties only with the authorization of the Archive and only for the stated purpose. Any use must always include the name of the Archive of the Jewish Museum Berlin, the shelf mark of the material, and a notice stating the publication and reproduction rights of the Jewish Museum Berlin Archives (or the Leo Baeck Institute or Wiener Library).

§ 4 Restrictions, refusal or revocation of authorization

The Archive may deny use of materials in the following cases:

  • If the interests of the Jewish Museum Berlin and/or the Leo Baeck Institute or Wiener Library are at risk of being violated;
  • If copyrights or personal rights of third parties or any other third-party interests which may warrant protection are violated;
  • If the condition of the archival material is at risk;
  • If there are official reasons for archival material being unavailable or if another user is using the material at the same time;
  • If the user has violated these Terms of Use or failed to comply with any additional conditions which may have been imposed.

§ 5 Loans

1) Under certain conditions, archival or library material may be loaned for public relations purposes, and particularly for exhibitions. Archive or Library material may not be loaned to private individuals, who may use the materials in the Reading Room only.

2) Archive or Library material will be loaned for exhibitions only if the purpose of the exhibition cannot be achieved using reproductions and if adequate protection for the material is guaranteed.

3) Archival or library material which is out on loan may be recalled at any time for official reasons.

4) If archival or library material is to be loaned, a loan agreement shall be concluded between the Jewish Museum Berlin Archive or Library and the borrowing institution.

§ 6 Waiting periods

1) Unless otherwise agreed, archival material that was not intended for publication at the time of its creation shall be unavailable for use for a period of 30 years from the date of its creation. The Jewish Museum Berlin Archive shall decide about exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

2) Unless otherwise agreed, archival material relating to a natural person may not be used by third parties until ten years after the death of the person concerned. If the date of death is not known, the waiting period shall end 90 years after the person’s birth. If the date of birth is also unknown, the waiting period shall end 70 years after the creation of the material. Exceptions shall require the approval of the person’s relatives.

§ 7 Complimentary copy

Users are obliged to provide the Archive with a complimentary copy of any publication involving significant use of the Jewish Museum Berlin's archival material. This applies to monographs as well as to contributions to anthologies, catalogs, journals, and newspapers. Complimentary copies of any unpublished material – theses, dissertations, papers, documentations, etc. – must also be provided. Unless the user approves, the Archive shall not use complimentary copies so provided for purposes other than acquiring additional archival material; they will not be shown to third parties.

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