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Two book covers: the book “Moses” by Uriel Birnbaum and exhibition catalog for the exhibition “Synagoga”

Digitized Books

from our library holdings

Online Project

Crumpled printed piece of paper formed into a ball, against a background with yellow-blue-green-purple gradient.

Inside Out – Etgar Keret

21 Oct 2022 to 19 Mar 2023

Sketchy black and white portrait of Paul Celan.

Jerusalem on the Pruth

Markus Winkler on Czernowitz and Jewish Literature


Color graphic with leaves and birds.

Read the Signs

An evening to mark the 70th anniversary of the Night of Murdered Poets, in Yiddish, English and German

Video Recording
14 Aug 2022

Plate adorned with a portrait drawing of Rahel Varnhagen, next to it a fork and the inscription Hörmahl: Feinkost für die Ohren.

“Hörmahl:” A Feast for the Ears

Dinner with Rahel Varnhagen, in German

19 May 2021


Iber der grenets / Crossing the Border: Yiddish Literature and Culture Today

Presentation of an extensive collection of Yiddish short stories, in German and Yiddish

Video Recording
20 Nov 2021

Woman with long brown hair and red lipstick leans her head against a wall and looks at the camera

30 Years of Post-Soviet Migration. A Life between Worlds

with Olga Grjasnowa, Britta Schneider, and Tsypylma Darieva, in German

Video Recording
12 Oct 2021

Four portrait photos.

Between the Lines

An evening with Israeli and German poets, in Hebrew and German

Video Recording
9 Sep 2017

Portrait of two women, the one on the right is an old black and white picture.

Incredibly Clever

Iris Berben reads Paula Buber, in German and English

Audio Recording
5 Aug 2017

Articles on Literature

Reviews, author interviews, and posts about literary events on Blogerim


A young woman.

Before the After Party

Reading with Molly Antopol and Katharina Marie Schubert, in German and English

Audio Recording
15 Jul 2017

Review of The Boxer by Reinhard Kleist

Blog post about the graphic novel that tells the story of Harry Haft’s survival

Jan 2015

Hebrew Worlds – On the Presence of Ancient Texts in Modern Ivrith

Inaugural lecture by Anne Birkenhauer

Audio Recording
27 Oct 2014

In front of the open window you can see a typewriter on a small table and a lamp with a slanted shade

Flight and Metamorphosis

Nelly Sachs, Writer, Berlin/Stockholm

25 Mar to 27 Jun 2010

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Franz Kafka, Writer

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Etgar Keret, Author and Screenwriter

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Literature for Children and Young Adults

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The Soncino Society

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Ilse Weber,
née Herlinger, Writer

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