A Research Library for Jewish Art

The DFG Project: Expanding and Indexing Our Library’s Holdings

Photo of some examples of gray literature

With the support of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation, DFG), our library has been developing into a research library for Jewish art since fall 2013. Our holdings have historically predicated gaps that we have been unable to fill entirely through our acquisitions of special collections and the ongoing expansion of our holdings since 1999.

Thanks to DFG "Funding for Outstanding Research Libraries," we are now purposefully building our art section holdings and will be comprehensively building content in that direction. In this effort, we aim to develop a collection focus of national importance that contributes in the long term to reestablishing the research tradition in Germany that was interrupted in 1933.

The existing literature in Germany on Jewish visual and applied arts as well as visual and material culture is spread across many locations today. Because it relates to diverse disciplines, individual academic libraries usually do not account for the full breadth of publications on this topic. Until now, there has not been a central hub in the form of a library specialized in this research field.

The focus for the second project phase, from fall 2015 to November 2017, is on collecting gray literature and non-book media, in other words, publications that never reached the book trade. This will make source material that is otherwise difficult to access available in an attractive research environment.

Thorough indexing and cross-references in our thesaurus make it possible to search thematically across multiple media. This approach integrates our museum’s collections and archive, facilitating access to the primary sources.
This project began in fall 2013 and will end in November 2017.

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Our Reading Room is open to the public. You can also research using our library’s holdings and some of our collection’s holdings online. To view additional holdings, please contact the responsible curators.
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