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The Artur Brauner Collection

Watch the film producer’s films at our Library

All About ...

Portrait of a woman with curly hair, next to her the quote: “As you can see, I stand before you very much alive.”

Voices from the GDR

Jewish perspectives on life and the political system

Online Feature

A man, a boy, a blue doll and a girl are standing at a kitchen island, grating potatoes and laughing

Glückel in the Bowl

Go on a culinary journey through the diversity of Berlin’s cuisines with the kosher fantasy creature Glückel

Cooking Show

Collage of portrait photos of different people with a red jagged line across them

20 Years of the JMB

20 interviews

Video Project

Four people standing next to each other

Four Questions

Short Films by Yael Reuveny about Jewish Life in Germany

Video Project

Man in suit holding a brightly lit flashlight.

Night Shift

Insights into the museum at night

Video Project

A camera mounted on a steel cable hovers before a blue sky over the rooftops of Jerusalem.

Stories from Jerusalem: Faith·Love·Hope·Fear

The first fictional VR series by Dani Levy in 360°/VR

3 May to 17 Jun 2018

“Jerusalem is like a former boyfriend”

Dalia Castel and actress Orit Nahmias about Jerusalem


Interview with Film Historian Claudia Dillmann

On the Artur Brauner Collection at our library

7 Mär 2016

An older woman with glasses and headscarf (left in the picture) is talking to a younger woman who also wears glasses and is standing at the right edge of the picture.

Kıymet or: A Cinematic Tribute to My Grandmother

Three questions to Canan Turan

4 Jul 2014

Film as a Method in Anti-Discrimination Education

Conference Documentation

Exhibition view.

Matters of Faith: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Nine animated movies

Video Project

Screenshot of a page showing three rows of three video players each. Each of the video player’s start pictures shows a person talking

What We Won’t Show You...

In nine short films, employees give insights into our work by explaining “what we don’t show”

Video Project

Color lithograph print: Louis Oppenheim, advertising poster for S. Adam.

S. Adam Advertising Poster

...and the Adams’ connection to film

From our Holdings

Black and white photograph of a young man and a young woman standing next to each other, both smiling.

“Unafraid”: En Route to Palestine

Tereska Torres’s Film Diary from 1947, from the series Zeitzeugnisse aus dem Jüdischen Museum Berlin, in German


Media Library

Video and audio recordings of events, conference documentation, and more

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