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Modernized, then Tolerated?

Do religions need reformation or do they have a history that we do not really understand? (Audio recording available, in German)

At Petriplatz, a common prayer and study house for the three monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is in the creation. It is not yet built, but has been presented at panel discussions at various locations around the city.

The history of religions is also a history of their changes. Must every belief system – caught between the preservation of traditional beliefs and the adaptation to changing social and political conditions – reinvent itself time and again?

recording available


  • Micha Brumlik (educationalist and journalist)
  • Petra Bahr (cultural representative of the Protestant Church in Germany)
  • Kadir Sanci (imam and board member of the of prayer and study house society)
  • Thomas Bauer (Islamic scholar)
  • Chair: Dirk Pilz (journalist, Berliner Zeitung, Neue Zürcher Zeitung)
  • Words of welcome: Cilly Kugelmann (Jewish Museum Berlin)
Official Website

Common prayer and study house: The House of One

Audio recording of the talk (in German)
Jewish Museum Berlin 2013

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