Sweetheart of the Gods (1960)

A Film from the Artur Brauner Collection at Our Library

This biopic portrays the life of the actress Renate Müller, who becomes a movie star in 1931. She falls in love with a Prussian state secretary who, as a Jew, must flee to England to escape the Nazis in 1933. The young actress tries to follow him, but is forced to stay at the beck and call of the German film industry. The mismatch between her feelings and her professional environment tears her apart.

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As well as the tragic love of the protagonists, the film shows how the new regime interfered in private relationships through the example of Müller's childhood friend. Renate Müller is portrayed as a courageous woman who can neither be corrupted by her own success nor by Nazi propaganda. The 1930s UFA star is played by Ruth Leuwerik, a leading actor in German postwar cinema.

Sweetheart of the Gods

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Ruth Leuwerik (1924–2016)

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Scene from the movie “Sweetheart of the Gods”

Scene from the movie Sweetheart of the Gods
CCC Filmkunst

Starring Ruth Leuwerik, Peter van Eyck, and Harry Meyen. Directed by Gottfried Reinhardt.

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