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Antisemitism in Europe Today: the Phenomena, the Conflicts

Conference talks

Online Publication

Lucky Coincidences

Interview with our New Museum Director Hetty Berg

JMB Journal 21

Rapper Ben Salomo

Jewish Power

What is Jewish Music?
By Fabian Schnedler

JMB Journal 20

Triumph of Survival

Cilly Kugelmann on a photo that visualizes the victory over the Nazis

May 2020

Media and Minorities

Open Access

Online Publication

Golem Catalog Online

Selected texts from our catalog

Online Publication

Places of Remembrance

Teaching Materials for Integration and Orientation Courses

Online Publications

An old, opened cardboard-box with yellow candles.

Consuming Light

A Short History of Ritual Lights by Michal Friedlander

JMB Journal 18

Deutschlandkarte mit Zahlen zu jüdischer Lebenswirklichkeit

A Jew Is Not One Thing

The curator Miriam Goldmann about the exhibition A Is For Jewish

JMB Journal 20

The tattoo artist Myra Brodsky

Kosher Portraits

A photo series about Jewish life n in Germany

JMB Journal 20

“Hear the Truth, Whoever Speaks It”

Milestones in the Work auf Moses Maimonides from Islamic Spain to Modern Berlin, in German

Online Publication

“Say it like it is!”

An interview with Ruth Wodak about media discourse around attacks committed by right-wing extremists and strategies to counter right-wing extremism

Apr 2020

The First Jewish Museum in Berlin

Inka Bertz on our collection, the seizure of the museum's holdings in 1938, reconstruction, and more

Online Publication

Portrait of Lisa Albrecht with glasses and jacket with flower pattern in the museum garden

“Original Voices Ensure a Diversity of Perspectives”

Interview with Lisa Albrecht about the New JMB App

Jul 2020

Contemporary Russian-Jewish Life in Germany

Open Access

Online Publication

New Accents

Interview with Cilly Kugelmann, chief curator of our new core exhibition

JMB Journal 21

In a Foreign Country

Companion booklet to the exhibition about literature from DP camps

Online Publication

Diagonals of Diversity

Stephan Becker on Berlin’s Lindenstrasse from past to present

JMB Journal 14

Books on National Socialism and the Holocaust

Recommended reading for children and young people

Online Publication


Book recommendations for children and teens

Online Publication

Behind the Scenes: Anecdotes and Exciting Finds while Working with our Collections (10)