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Con­tem­porary Jewish Life

Exhibition space with numerous screens on the walls, each of which shows a person looking at the visitor.

After 1945

Guided tour for groups through our core exhibition

Guided Tour
By appointment

A boy in a dark suit and tie stands next to a toy ark made of wood. A rotunda is visible in the background.

Bar Mitzvah Ark

Learn more about the wooden ark on display in front of our library

Online Feature

Photography of woman in blue summer dress sitting on the ground in the forest and grabbing her hair above her forehead


Hevrutah with Akiva Weingarten, Sonia Simmenauer, Elad Lapidot, and Aviva Ronnefeld, in German

Video Recording
16 Feb 2022

Collage of several photos of people in front of their own portraits in the exhibition Zerheilt: Healed to Pieces

ZERHEILT: HEALED TO PIECES – The Subjects Pose with Their Portraits

Photos from the exhibition opening and interviews about Jewish life in Berlin

Online Feature

Person alone on one of the red seats in the auditorium of an empty theater, head resting in hands


Photo exhibition

3 Sep 2021 to 24 Apr 2022

Handmade blue-white-red Krätzchen of the Köllsche Kippa Köpp Jewish carnival society, left side

Collecting the present

Krätzchen Carnival Cap (Kölsche Kippa Köpp Carnival Society), gift of Aaron Knappstein, 2019

20 Years, 21 Objects

Graphic in blue-green tones: people on deckchairs in the museum garden, in the background the glass courtyard

My Jewish Soundtrack

With Daniel Libeskind, Daniel Kahn, Roy Siny, Sharon, and Dmitrij Kapitelman, moderated by Shelly Kupferberg, mainly in German

Video Recording
29 Jul 2021

Photography of woman in blue summer dress sitting on the ground in the forest and grabbing her hair above her forehead

Without the leaves, I would not have started

Frédéric Brenner about his new photographic essay, ZERHEILT: HEALED TO PIECES, and Jewish life in Berlin

JMB Journal
Issue 22 (2021)

Messy stack of books with titles such as Torah Queeries, Becoming Eve, Queer Theory and the Jewish Question, and Mentsh

LGBTQI+ & Judaism

An anecdotal glossary by Debora Antmann


Sharon Adler sitting on a bench in a plexiglass box which is open at the front

An Unequivocal Zest for Debate

Sharon Adler on Jewish life in Berlin


Four people standing next to each other

Four Questions

Short Films by Yael Reuveny about Jewish Life in Germany

Contemporary History Collection

Christmas tree on Pariser Platz with the illuminated Brandenburg Gate in the background

A Descendant of Jewish DPs as “Advent Hero”

A somewhat peculiar honor for the Shalom Rollberg initiative

Dec 2020

A man wearing a surgical face mask with a package of matzo under his arm rings a doorbell.

Across Mannheim in the Matzo-Mobile

David Studniberg about the great feeling to support others in difficult times

Apr 2020

Mobile made of colorful letter cards.

A Is for Jewish

Journeys through Now in 22 Letters

26 Nov 2018 to 19 Apr 2020

Cover of the JMB Journal

JMB Journal 20

Insights into the diversity of Jewish life in Germany


The tattoo artist Myra Brodsky

Kosher Portraits

A photo series about Jewish life in Germany

Photo Project

Hands holding a book with Hebrew and Cyrillic script.

Object Days

Memorabilia and migration stories – portraits of Jews living in Germany

Photo Project

A boy with black hair and white shirt.

Quite “best practice”

Tom’s coming out speech: an example that shows how queer people can find their place in society, and how not only they but everyone can benefit from it


Kunstwerk von Moran Sanderovich

New Judaism – Alliances in Postmigrant Society

With Benny Fischer, Sasha Marianna Salzmann, Mati Shemoelof, and Layla Zami, in German and English

Video Recording
16 Nov 2017

“This four-minute performance means three to four months of training”

About the song and dance competition Jewrovision

Feb 2017

Contemporary Jewish life in a global modernity

International Conference, in English

Video Recording
11–12 Dec 2014

Filled jars with honey.

Apples in Honey and Gefilte Fish

Museum employees share their personal experiences of the High Holidays


A woman stands at the opening of a showcase and talks to a crowd of visitors.

“Species: Diaspora Jew, Sub-species: Eastern European Jew, Variant: Banana Jew”

Olga Mannheimer about her experiences in the exhibition The Whole Truth


A woman sitting on a bench in a vitreous showcase open at the front.

From Wagner to the Weather

Signe Rossbach about her two hours as a living exhibition object


Seven consecutively numbered kitchen stoves are crowded together in a white-tiled kitchen (black and white photo).

Russians Jews Germans

Photographs by Michael Kerstgens from 1992 to the Present

20 Apr to 26 Aug 2012

House facade.

The Sukkah. A Fleeting House for a Jewish Festival

Photographs by Mimi Levy Lipis

4 Nov 2010 to 27 Feb 2011

The Fragile Foundation: The Quest for German-Jewish “Normalcy”

Salomon Korn reads essays from his book about Jewish life in Germany, architecture, and politics, in German

Audio Recording
30 Sep 2003

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After 1945

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