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View of Jerusalem, you can see the Dome of the Rock with its golden dome

Welcome to Jerusalem

11 Dec 2017 to 1 May 2019

The cover of our catalog for the Jerusalem exhibition.

Welcome to Jerusalem

Exhibition Catalog, with reading sample for download


A middle-aged man and woman and two younger men and a younger woman on the beach. The young woman is in uniform, all the others are wearing summer clothes.

This Place

This photo exhibition explores the complexity of Israel and the West Bank.

7 Jun 2019 to 19 Apr 2020

Rechavia – Grunewald in the Orient

Reading with Thomas Sparr on German-Jewish Jerusalem, in German

Audio Recording
28 Feb 2018

Lives in Common: Arabs and Jews in Jerusalem

Author Menachem Klein in Conversation with Cilly Kugelmann

Video Recording
8 May 2018

A camera mounted on a steel cable hovers before a blue sky over the rooftops of Jerusalem.

Stories from Jerusalem: Faith·Love·Hope·Fear

The first fictional VR series by Dani Levy in 360°/VR

3 May to 17 Jun 2018

Tu bi-Shevat Traditions in Israel

Avner Ofrath on trees, fruit, and a breath of New Age


Cycling Holiday

Avner Ofrath on Yom Kippur in Israel


Exhibition space with numerous screens on the walls, each of which shows a person looking at the visitor.

After 1945

This tour through our core exhibition comprises the triangular relationship between Germany, Israel, and Jews in Germany.

Guided Tour
By appointment

White pillow with blue script

Decorated Cushion

“ISRAELI, JEW, and now SEVERELY DISABLED—there’s got to be a way to capitalize on that in GERMANY,” Daniel Josefsohn, Berlin, 2014/15

Objects from Our Core Exhibition

Illustration of a child in a nightgown among lots of falling stars, which the child is grasping in its hands; next to the child there’s a squirrel and a small bird

Tom Seidmann-Freud, Eser sihot li-yeladim

Kleine Märchen (Little Fairy Tales) with artworks for kids, Jerusalem 1923

From our Holdings
(with digital copy)

Drawing: A group of people, dressed in colorful clothes, crosses the image from right to left with long, sweeping strides.

On the Way to a Poetic-Political Utopia

Else Lasker-Schüler, Durch die Wüste Sinai (Through the Desert of Sinai), about 1935

From our Holdings

Girl in shorts crouches under a desk

Disposable Eyes

Featuring two photo projects: Promised Land and The Pen-Pal Project

25 Oct 2002 bis 26 Jan 2003

Disposable camera in plastic foil with a photo of Jerusalem’s Old City printed on it.

Disposable Eyes

Publication accompanying the exhibition


 A small wooden building next to the beach, the building is flying the flag of Israel and is surrounded by stacks of beach chairs.

Dateline: Israel. Contemporary Photography and Video Art

Exhibition catalog


Christmas tree on Pariser Platz with the illuminated Brandenburg Gate in the background

A Berlin Israeli as “Advent Hero”

A somewhat peculiar honor for the Shalom Rollberg initiative

Dec 2020