Hanukkah Songs

Today there are many beautiful Hanukkah songs and many that are, well, less beautiful—we’ll leave it to you to decide which belong in which category…

The Vienna Jewish Choir singing an arrangement of the traditional Ashkenazi Ma’oz Tzur accompanied on the piano by Roman Grinberg.

A traditional Sephardic song in Ladino performed here by the Maxwell Street Klezmer Band: Ocho Kandelikas

Isaac Zones presents S’vivon, sov, sov, sov

The Maccabeats in a video by Uri Westrich performing Candlelight

A karaoke-friendly version of Hanukkah, O Hanukkah in English and Yiddish by BimBam (aka G-dcast)

A bit of pop culture: the South Park version of the Dreidel Song

And finally, a little of everything: Hanukkah Song Mashup – Dance Spectacular! with Elliot Dvorin and the Key Tov Orchestra

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