Jewish Holidays

Jewish Holidays

JMB Journal 9: Times


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"For the Pampered Audience"


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A Time for Everything
Rituals Against Forgetting

Tierkreis (Mosaikfusßboden)


– 2013/14 –
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Holidays (12) Old Rituals, New Customs Show all

Old Rituals, New Customs

Museum employees talk about traditions on Jewish holidays.

New Customs for the New Year

Shlomit Tripp about tashlikh boats and petals on the water

Kol Nidre and the “Civil Improvement of the Jews”

Haim Mahlev on controversies throughout the ages

Apples in Honey and Gefilte Fish

Museum employees share their personal experiences of the High Holidays

Cycling Holiday

Avner Ofrath on Yom Kippur in Israel

Jewish Halloween

Naomi Lubrich on candy as a tricky matter for synagogues on Simhat Torah

Menurkeys for Thanksgivukkah?

Food for thought and recipes by Signe Rossbach

“8 Facts” about Hanukkah

David Studniberg on the Jewish Feast of Dedication

“If I were a rich mouse ...”

Michal Friedlander on Mickey, Minnie and their Hanukkah message

In the Sleeping Car with Ten Hand-puppets and a Travel Hanukkah Candelabrum

Shlomit Tripp on her Hanukkah with the bubales family

Explaining Kosher to a Customs Officer

Michaela Conen on obstacles and hurdles in trying to get fancy Hanukkah items in Germany

Tu bi-Shevat Traditions in Israel

Avner Ofrath on trees, fruit, and a breath of New Age

The Big Clean-Up

Dana Akrish on Passover in Jerusalem


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