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Resistance and Self-Assertion (National Socialism)


Objects testifying to Jewish resistance ranging from the Maccabee Revolt to the Nazi period (in German)

Online Collections

Portrait Karl Neuhof

“I Fight Against Everything that Tries to Oppress Me”

The diary of Jewish communist resistance fighter Karl Neuhof, in German

Video Recording
11 Apr 2022

Index cards.

Index cards from the British Army Post Office

German emigrants who fought in the British Army during the Second World War had to change their names

From our Holdings

Cover of a landscape photo album with leather binding

Documenting Brutality

Historical sources on the antisemitic violence in Germany between 1930 and 1938 in the holdings of the Jewish Museum Berlin

Online Project

1933: Denial, Opposition, and Protest

Unknown Reactions of German Jews to Nazi Persecution, in German

Audio Recording
8 Aug 2013

Handwritten letter on a letterhead form from Berlin-Plötzensee.

Farewell Letter, Ink on Paper

About a touching historical document and why we could only exhibit it so shortly


Cover of a book in black and red with golden letters (detail)

Leo Baeck’s Essay Collection From Three Millennia

Published in 1938 and questioning the Nazi ideology

From our Holdings

Blue and white flag with Star of David on the blue background.

Flag with the Star of David

A blue and white flag as a confident statement against the racist Nuremberg Laws

From our Holdings

Black and white photograph of a group of children.

Synagogue in the Jewish Retreat Center in Lehnitz

Retreat in the Nazi era

From our Holdings

Photo of three medals on a velvet cushion.

Max Haller’s Collection of Medals from the First World War

Pointing out his service for the Fatherland during the April Boycott of 1933

From our Holdings

Scene from the movie “Warsaw 5703”

Warsaw: Year 5703

A film from the Artur Brauner Collection at our library


Scene from the movie “Europa Europa”

Europa Europa

A film from the Artur Brauner Collection at our library


Scene from the movie “The White Rose”

The White Rose

A film from the Artur Brauner Collection at our library


Scene from the movie “The Plot to Assassinate Hitler”

The Plot to Assassinate Hitler

A film from the Artur Brauner Collection at our library


Movie poster for “Morituri”


Film by Artur Brauner about a group of escaped concentration camp prisoners


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