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Nazi Per­se­cution

Screenshot: on a black background there are numerous bright markers. They give an idea of the outline of Germany within the borders of 1937

Topography of Violence 1930–1938

A visualization of documented acts of violence against individuals, Jewish institutions and businesses

Online Project

Painting, a man walks down a hallway.

Loneliness by Felix Nussbaum

The painter strikingly portrays his plight as one of the persecuted

From our Holdings

Cover of a landscape photo album with leather binding

Documenting Brutality

Historical sources on the antisemitic violence in Germany between 1930 and 1938 in the holdings of the Jewish Museum Berlin

Online Project

The Arthur Brauner Collection in our Reading Room

Many of his works address Nazi persecution

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Yellow star with the word Jude (Jew) on it

Yellow Star

Exhibition objects tell stories of Jewish life

Objects from Our Core Exhibition

1933: Denial, Opposition, and Protest

Unknown Reactions of German Jews to Nazi Persecution, in German

Audio Recording
8 Aug 2013

Handwritten letter on a letterhead form from Berlin-Plötzensee.

Farewell Letter, Ink on Paper

About a touching historical document and why we could only exhibit it so shortly


A blue sign with text.

Dr. Oscar Hirschberg’s Office Signs

Evidence of ascendancy and antisemitic exclusion

From our Holdings

Scene from the movie “Ruth”


A film from the Artur Brauner Collection at our library


Scene from the movie “The Garden of the Finzi-Continis”

The Garden of the Finzi-Continis

A film from the Artur Brauner Collection at our library


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9 Novem­ber 1938/“Kristall­nacht”

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Expropria­tion (“Aryaniza­tion”)

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National Socialism

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Occupa­tional Ban (National Socialism)

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Resistance and Self-Assertion (National Socialism)

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Shoah Survivors

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