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Women's Rights and Gender Roles

Objects, Documents and Images on Women's Emancipation

among others to Bertha Pappenheim and Fanny Lewald (in German)

Online Collections

Bread and Roses

On International Women's Day, Christina Hecht takes a look at various archives

Online Project

JMB Journal 11: Women


Film clip: two women

Behind the Scenes: Orthodox Judaism and Film

Representations of Jewish Orthodoxy in Independent and Mainstream Film.

Film Screening and Discussion
Sun, 22 Aug 2021, 11 am


A painting by Lovis Corinth with a secret romantic message

From our Holdings

Sharon Adler sitting on a bench in a plexiglass box which is open at the front

An Unequivocal Zest for Debate

Sharon Adler on the importance to exhibit women’s work and their impact


Seder Plate by Harriete Estel Berman

A feminist Passover custom

From our Holdings

Silver coffee and tea set consisting of coffee pot, teapot, creamer, sugar bowl and tray

“Well-balanced silver utilitarian objects that make you feel good”

Designed by a woman, for a woman

20 years, 21 objects

Historical photograph of a black and white portrait of a woman.

The Diary of Gertrud Bleichröder

Notes from 1988, from the series Zeitzeugnisse aus dem Jüdischen Museum Berlin, in German


A man, a child and a woman sitting in front of a laptop

How feminism has shaped new rituals

Brigitte Sion in our JMB Journal 23


The Artist and the Scientist

A project as part of a Year of Voluntary Service in Culture (FSJ Kultur)

Online Feature


A talk about Jewish questions and the lives of women in Eva Menasses novel

Book Review

What’s the story with women rabbis?

What role do gender themes play in Judaism?

Question of the Month

What We Can Learn from Loving Women

A Biblical story of female solidarity and social integration


“Hörmahl”: A Feast for the Ears

Dinner with Julie Elias (in German)

15 Mar 2021

“Hörmahl”: A Feast for the Ears

Dinner with Rahel Varnhagen (in German)

19 May 2021

Collage of black and white portrait of Lina Morgenstern and plates, cutlery, herbs and red lettering

“Hörmahl”: A Feast for the Ears

Dinner with Lina Morgenstern (in German)

8 Dec 2021

“Hörmahl”: A Feast for the Ears

Dinner with Fromet Mendelssohn (in German)

Jun 2022

Blue dress with white dots and pink, blue and white ruffles

Live from the JMB

A brief digital tour on International Women’s Day (in German)

Guided Tour
Mo, 8 Mar 2021, 6 pm

“Go down Moses” and an Orange on the Seder Plate

Cilly Kugelmann on old and new customs for Passover


Messy stack of books with titles such as Torah Queeries, Becoming Eve, Queer Theory and the Jewish Question, and Mentsh

LGBTQI+ & Judaism

An anecdotal glossary by Debora Antmann


Left: black and white portrait photo of a young lady. She wears a high-necked dress with hat in the style of the 1910s. Right: cover of a worn diary with leather binding and the golden lettering “Tage-Buch” (diary).

“No, I Want Dr. O.”

Leonie Meyer’s diaries from the years before her marriage (1910–12)

Online Feature