Around the World in Eighty Years. My Life

Book Presentation with W. Michael Blumenthal and Michael Naumann (audio recording available, in German)

The director of the Jewish Museum Berlin, W. Michael Blumenthal, presents his memoir, a personal record of the first rank. Born in the Weimar Republic, he grew up in Berlin Mitte during the Third Reich and fled the Nazis with his family to the other end of the world, to Shanghai. He emigrated from there to the USA and pursued a career in business and politics, as advisor to President Kennedy and Minister of Finance under President Carter amongst other things. In 1997 he followed the call of his hometown and returned to Berlin.

recording available

The book launch at the Jewish Museum Berlin begins a large reading tour that will lead W. Michael Blumenthal back to his place of birth, Oranienburg.

In cooperation with Propyläen Publishing House.

Shelfs filled with books.

Audio recording of the talk by W. Michael Blumenthal and Michael Naumann, in German; Jewish Museum Berlin 2010

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