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Incredibly Clever

Iris Berben Reads Paula Buber (with Audio Recording in German and English)

Paula Buber's almost unknown work should be understood against the backdrop of the radical upheaval of her epoch.

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Portraits of Iris Berben (left) and Paula Buber, both looking straight into the camera

Iris Berben and Paula Buber; photos: picture alliance/dpa/Horst Galuschka; courtesy of Tamar Goldschmidt

In close collaboration with her husband, Martin Buber, she was involved in the design of some of his most famous works. A self-proclaimed "philozionist," she already published her own works in 1901. Under the pseudonym Georg Munk, she wrote stories and the novel Muckensturm which portrays the beginnings of Nazism in a small German town.

Audio recording of Incredibly Clever – Iris Berben Reads Paula Buber; 5 August 2017 (in German and English).
Jewish Museum Berlin 2017

In the presence of Paula Buber's great-granddaughter, Tamar Goldschmidt, actress Iris Berben will read selected texts and previously unpublished letters. Katharina Baur, literary scholar, will tell of this unusual woman's life.

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