In Celebration of Daniel Libeskind’s 75th birthday

Digital ARTE Film Premiere and Conversation (video recording of the discussion available)

Daniel Libeskind and the Jewish Museum Berlin (JMB) are closely connected: the museum’s new building was the first structure designed by the American architect to be built. At the same time, the spectacular structure isn’t just of interest to architecture fans — it has become an emblem of Berlin.

recording available



On the occasion of his 75th birthday, the television channel ARTE broadcasted Daniel Libeskind: Magier der Emotionen (“Daniel Libeskind: Magician of Emotions”, ARTE/SR 2021, 26 min.). The film examines Libeskind’s life, his work, and his strong affinity to music. Libeskind described the Jewish Museum Berlin as a musical answer to many of the questions left behind by National Socialism, as a building that unites the oscillations of space and the soul.

After the film there was a discussion with Daniel Libeskind, JMB Director Hetty Berg, and film director Axel Fuhrmann, moderated by Sonja Marx of Saarland Broadcasting.

Who is Daniel Libeskind?

Daniel Libeskind, *1946 in Łódź, emigrated to Israel in 1957, moved to the USA in 1960, architect of the Jewish Museum Berlin

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Video recording, 4 May 2021 (after a short introduction in German, the discussion is held in English); JMB and ARTE, in cooperation with SR

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