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Digital Prize Ceremony: The 2nd DAGESH Art Award goes to Talya Feldman

& Opening of the Installation “The Violence We Have Witnessed Carries a Weight on Our Hearts” (video recording available, in German and English)

Hetty Berg (Director, JMB) and Jo Frank (Director of Development, Leo Baeck Foundation) present the second DAGESH Art Award to Talya Feldmann. Afterwards Julia Y. Alfandari (Program Coordinator DAGESH. Jewish Art in Context) and Gregor H. Lersch (JMB, curator) will talk to the artist and give a digital guided tour of the installation.

recording available



In her multi-media work, the artist Talya Feldman investigates the continuities of right-wing terror in Germany from the 1980s to today. The artist opens a panorama of pluralistic memory, making tangible the diversity of remembrance and eyewitness accounts.

Recording of the prize ceremony and opening, in German and English; Jewish Museum Berlin and DAGESH. Jewish Art in Context, 20 Mai 2021. You can find the video also on the YouTube channel of Dagesh.

The prize is awarded by the Jewish Museum Berlin and DAGESH: Jewish Art in Context. It raises the profile of new and diverse contemporary Jewish viewpoints, highlighting works that engage with current problems and questions of coexistence. The theme of the second DAGESH Art Award is “Wehrhafte Kunst” (Art that Stands its Ground).

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DAGESH: Jewish Art in Context

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