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On 23 August 2020, the Jewish Museum Berlin is opening its new core exhibition. Until then the museum will be closed for renovations.

Entries from the Blog of the Jewish Museum Berlin

Work in Progress

Since its relaunch in 2016, our website itself has been magazine-like. For this reason, selected entries from our museum blog are gradually being transferred here. In this way, we hope to ensure that relevant, timeless entries are easier to find via the topics presented on our website (show all topics). Anyone with a particular interest in texts created within the context of the blog can find all of the blog entries that have already been transferred together on this page.

For the time being, the entire blog is still available at We now publish new articles, features, and online projects directly here on the website (show all online projects).

Behind the Scenes: Entries on the Exhibition “Snip it! Stances on Circumcision” (9)

Entries on the Exhibition “Snip it! Stances on Circumcision”

Interviews and stories by our employees, which were published as part of the exhibition Snip it! Stances on Circumcision, you can now read here on our website.

After the Exhibition is Before the Exhibition

Martina Lüdicke on the decision to dedicate a separate exhibition to questions of circumcision raised in the exhibition The Whole Truth

On Belonging and Family Debates

A conversation about a circumcision that didn’t happen

“I didn’t want to ‘get lost’”

Alice Lanzke talked with Rabbi Goldberg about the complaint that he was liable for “dangerous personal injury” due to the circumcisions he performed.

“It was only later that I had my doubts”

Mirjam Wenzel talked with Naomi about her thoughts on ritual circumcision, then and now.

David’s Circumcision

Shlomit Tulgan, who knows David from childhood, tells us the story of his circumcision.

On the Hamster Wheel of Argumentation

Andy Simanowitz, guide in the exhibition Snip it!, reports on stubborn questions and spirals of argumentation.

“Part of something greater”

Alice Lanzke spoke with Amitay and Meital from Israel about the circumcision of their son.

A Circumcision to Keep the (Family) Peace

Alice Lanzke spoke with a Muslim mother about the question: should her four-year-old son be circumcised?

“The best solution would be that the baby is a girl”

Jörg Waßmer prepared the inventory of Fritz Wachsner’s estate and got some insights into an internal Jewish debate about circumcision.

Holidays: Old Rituals, New Customs (14)

Behind the Scenes: Entries on the Exhibition “Welcome to Jerusalem” (9)

Entries on the Exhibition “Welcome to Jerusalem”

Our exhibition Welcome to Jerusalem was on display from 11 December 2017 to 1 May 2019. To accompany the exhibition, we conducted interviews with our guides and curators, and spoke with visitors. All blog entries about the exhibition can now be found here.

Intense Encounters in “Jerusalem”

How school children react to the tour through the exhibition Welcome to Jerusalem. A conversation with Marc Wrasse

Jerusalem for All the Senses

A tour for the blind and vision impaired through the exhibition Welcome to Jerusalem at the Jewish Museum Berlin. A piece by Gerald Pirner.

Detail of a postcard on which is written

“Whatever you want to see – you come to Jerusalem, and you can find it there.”

Florian Schmelling has captured comments from visitors to our Jerusalem Exhibition.

Two guides and visitors during a tour

How about more tolerance for ambiguity?

Mohamed Ibrahim and Shemi Shabat talk about their tandem guided tour Jerusalem in Dialogue

“We’re no longer guests, we belong.”

Elena Bashkirova, director of the chamber music “festival intonations,” took a tour of the exhibition then spoke with us about the “holy city.”

Neither King David nor Cilly Kugelmann can solve this problem

About the difficulties the organizers of the Welcome to Jerusalem exhibition encountered doing justice to the ideal of justice, writes Walid Abd El Gawad

The Big Clean-Up

Dana Akrish writes about passover in Jerusalem

Mar 2018

“Jerusalem is like a former boyfriend”

Interview with filmmaker Dalia Castel and actress Orit Nahmias about Jerusalem. They both grew up there

Schools in Hannover, a Jerusalem Hotel, and the Search for their Connection

Rosa Fava writes about a conference on anti-Semitism-critical adult education

Interview Series: New German Stories (12)