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Entries from the Blog of the Jewish Museum Berlin

Work in Progress

Since its relaunch in 2016, our website itself has been magazine-like. For this reason, selected entries from our museum blog are gradually being transferred here. In this way, we hope to ensure that relevant, timeless entries are easier to find via the topics presented on our website. Anyone with a particular interest in texts created within the context of the blog can find all of the blog entries that have already been transferred together on this page.

For the time being, the entire blog is still available at We now publish new articles, features, and online projects directly here on the website (show all online projects).

Holidays: Old Rituals, New Customs (19)

Behind the Scenes: Entries on the Exhibition “Snip it! Stances on Circumcision” (9)

Behind the Scenes: Anecdotes and Exciting Finds while Working with our Collections (21)

Behind the Scenes: Entries on the Exhibition “Welcome to Jerusalem” (9)

Interview Series: New German Stories (12)

Black and white portrait of a man.

“We were being driven like hunted animals!”

Max Karp on his deportation from Berlin on October 28, 1938

Online Feature

Die Aufnahme zeigt einen Mann, eine Frau, vor ihnen zwei Kinder, alle stehen im Freien. Die beiden Jungs und der Mann tragen kurze Hosen, die Frau ein kurzärmeliges Kleid mit floralem Muster.

Memories from the Life of Walter Frankenstein

With many photographs from the Walter and Leonie Frankenstein Collection

Online Feature

“This four-minute performance means three to four months of training”

About the song and dance competition Jewrovision

Feb 2017

A boy with black hair and white shirt.

Quite “best practice”

Tom’s coming out speech: an example that shows how queer people can find their place in society, and how not only they but everyone can benefit from it


Colorful graphics.

Modern Scavenger Hunters

David Studniberg on our summer vacation program


An older man in a suit and kippa looks thoughtfully into the camera.

The Legacy of a Long Career: Success Against All Odds

Film Historian Claudia Dillmann on the Artur Brauner Film Collection


Coco Schumann in half profile, a screen with Coco Schumann's multimedia story can be seen in the background.

Obituary for Coco Schumann

14 May 1924–28 January 2018


Hanukkah candlestick with burning candles, behind it a banner with the inscription: Happy Hanukkah. Jewish Cultural Association Berlin.

The Jewish Cultural Center in Berlin, 1990 – 2010

Ulrike Neuwirth on the coalition of Jews living in the GDR


Black and white photograph with children in concentration camp clothes in Auschwitz standing behind barbed wire fence

On International and Other Remembrance Days

Mirjam Wenzel about 27 January an other remembrance days for the Holocaust


Portrait of a boxer (Possibly Neumann or Erich Seelig). Shot from behind, he presents his upper body muscles. Head slightly bent backwards.

Our Top “Muscle Jews”

Aubrey Pomerance on the concept of muscular Judaism and the Jewish sports movement


Men in uniform occupy seats in a theater auditorium.

In World War I

The Festival of Liberation at the Front


Copper engraving of eight English noblemen with hats discussing with each other with the title

“Remember, remember...” a date in November

Michal Friedlander on the commemoration of 9 November 1938


View into the aisle between two rows of bookshelves in a library

Searching for the New Germans

Bernhard Jensen leads through the reading room of the Jewish Museum's Academy


Black and white photo: a man next to a woman, she holds a baby to the camera.

The Story of Uri Kozower

Uri and his family were among the last people to be murdered in Auschwitz’s gas chambers

Jan 2014

Street sign with the inscription: Fromet and Moses Mendelssohn Square

With Love from Fromet and Moses Mendelssohnplatz!

The Mendelssohns’ marriage inscribed in the map of Berlin


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